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About Mediation


Emotional Savings

Money isn’t the only thing saved in mediation. The most important reason to choose mediation instead of the legal route is to solve the issues of a divorce while maintaining an ongoing relationship with the other parent of your children. The mediation process enables people to get divorced without having to demonize the other party. Once people have children, it is no longer possible to walk away from your marriage without ever seeing or speaking to your previous spouse. The best interest of the children necessitates an ongoing relationship. For people who want to divorce in such a way that will leave exes capable of still being involved parents, mediation is the way to go. The cost of a divorce while maintaining a relationship with your ex, priceless.

Mediation Is Cheaper

The reality in this day and age is that people often stay together because they feel they cannot afford to get a divorce. People who go through the divorce process with the goal of being able to afford to be apart, get very frustrated when the attorney’s bills drain away their funds. It is very upsetting to realize you have spent $30,000 so that you can receive $20,000 in support, or that you have spent $30,000 and now have to pay your spouse that same amount of money. For people who can step back from using money as a punishment for the other spouse, Mediation is a perfect tool for getting divorced without going broke in the process.

In a traditional divorce, a couple has to hire two separate attorneys and pay each a retainer.  In divorce mediation, there is only one fee for both of you and no retainer.  Payments are made at the end of each mediation session.

Mediation Is Quicker

Divorce mediations are finished much more quickly than traditional divorces.  A divorce can take years in the court system. This results in large legal fees.  Mediation takes an average of 2-4 sessions.

Control Over Outcome

Mediation allows the parties to do what they want, not what the judge or attorneys say they must do. In mediation the ultimate decision remains completely in the hands of the participants.